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Annulé - The Active Child

le 16 février 2018

Merideth Gattis, Cardiff University - Séminaire CLLE LTC

Numerous studies of development have documented either genetic influences on children’s developmental outcomes, or environmental influences on children's developmental outcomes. With so much talk of nature and nurture, it may sometime feel as if theories of development leave little room for the child. In this talk I will briefly explore the history of the active child, the idea that children shape their own development. Many theorists have assumed that the child’s influence on development is age-limited, driven by children’s ability to make independent choices. I will present a series of studies investigating whether and how children shape their own development during infancy as well as childhood. I will argue that both infants and children are active participants in social environments, and that their participation shapes the development of language and cognition. These findings have implications for theories of both typical and atypical human development.


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