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Research at the Fryslân Campus (Uni Groningen): Voice tech, soundscapes and more

le 25 janvier 2017
10 h

Matt Coler, chercheur à l'université Groningen - Séminaire spécial CLLE

In this talk I provide an overview of the mission and vision of the newly-developed Fryslân Campus (University of Groningen) in Leeuwarden, Friesland. I elaborate the so-called "Flagship projects", and describe beyond the buzzwords "multidisciplinary" and "transdisciplinary" to outline how the campus envisions engaging the region and making a social and scientific impact through social engagement and living labs. I also sketch some of the challenges ahead, specifically those relating to achieving multidisciplinary research without compromising monodisciplinary expertise, and the difficulty of striking a balance between social/economic relevance and long-term scientific advancement. To these ends, I provide examples of ongoing research projects at the Fryslân Campus, focusing on language-related R&D in the audio/speech domains relating voice pathology recognition and accent detection research projects. I describe how these research projects require multidisciplinary competencies, involve partners in the private and public sector and result in a tangible deliverable to the university, in addition to a PhD dissertation. I end the talk with some concrete opportunities for collaboration between our institutes and an invitation to connect.
Lieu(x) :
Amphi F417 (MDR)


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