Contractual PhD Student

Contact details

Maison de la Recherche Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, 5, Allées Antonio Machado, 31058 Toulouse Cedex 9

Taught academic discipline(s)

In accordance with two PhD contract amendments, I taught the following the following courses at the Department of Language Sciences:

History of linguistics (L1)
Lexicography (L2)
Morphology (L2)
Corpus analysis (L3)

I also spoke in the following courses:

Language Science careers (L1)
Current thematics in NLP reseach (M2)

Research topics

My thesis is entitled "Confrontation of derivational processes and semantic classes in vector space models" and is supervised by Nabil Hathout. My aim is to evaluate the contribution of distributional semantics for morphology and more precisely for the comparison of French suffixes.

Keywords : Natural Language Processing - Distributional semantics - Morphology - Corpus linguistics

Activities / Resume

Click here to download my CV (in French).

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