Bienvenue à Chloé FARRER

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le 8 janvier 2024

Chercheuse CNRS au laboratoire CLLE depuis janvier dernier, elle est membre de l'équipe PLC.

"My current research focuses on the development of two key brain systems involved in children's socio-emotional functioning: social cognition (cognitive skills involved in social perception and understanding) and cognitive control (cognitive skills involved in the voluntary control of actions, emotions and thoughts). My research aims to understand the brain mechanisms underlying their development and how the child's social environment influences this development. I conduct interventional research to implement interventions to support children's social-emotional skills and evaluate their impact on children's neurocognitive development, behaviour and academic skills. This research is also important for reducing social inequalities in education, as socio-emotional skills are key determinants of a child's success at school.

My previous research has focused on the neurocognitive processes involved in social cognition and the sense of agency (conscious perception of control over one's own actions) using predictive models of the brain and neuroimaging techniques. This research has shown the role of predictive processes in these two brain systems and their dysfunction in schizophrenia.
Research keywords
Neurocognitive development, Socioemotional development, Interventional research, Social environment, Social inequalities, Education, EEG, fMRI, Cognitive control, Social cognition, Sense of agency, Schizophrenia, Participative and multidisciplinary research."