2nd NetWordS Workshop

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2nd NetWordS Workshop

December 3rd-4th 2012 - Toulouse

NETWORDS - The European Network on Word Structure

Perspectives on Synergy

Main Objectives and Agenda

NetWordS, the European Research Networking Programme on Word Structure, is promoting a large-scale integrated European effort, focusing on common medium-term objectives, with a view to fostering interdisciplinary cross-fertilization and synergy, and optimizing research investments in terms of convergent and complementary efforts. With this paramount goal in mind, over the first year of its life cycle, NetWordS has provided means and opportunities for young researchers and scholars to meet, exchange thoughts and expertise, pave to way towards more intergrated efforts and joint collaborative initiatives.

Although the European scenario is particularly conducive to these goals, due to the robustly empirical character of its up-front research, we believe that more should be done at this stage to:

- strengthen links to infrastructural initiatives
- explore direct ways to share data, documentation and software
- investigate opportunities for European project funding
- establish joint educational programmes and virtual laboratories
- foster large-scale research goals and take concrete steps towards their pursuit

The present workshop sets itself the goals of monitoring the current state of infrastructural initiatives and joint interdisciplinary research efforts in Europe, fostering a more effective flow of information and data/software exchanges through NetWordS, exploring possible ways forward in the context of current/future European research funding programmes.

With these objectives in mind, the workshop will gather PhD students and junior research fellows who carried out interdisciplinary research under the NetWordS granting scheme for 2011 and more senior scholars who are currently involved in European or national initiatives geared towards scientific goals of interest to the NetWordS programme.

Report publication and dissemination

Electronic records of the workshop will be made available through the NetWordS website (
www.networds-esf.eu). The SC will also consider submission of an edited collection of workshop presentations to a major European publisher


NETWORDS - The European Network on Word Structure

Maison de la Recherche (MSHS, ground floor, room D29) of the University of Toulouse II- le Mirail

MONDAY, 3 December 2012

12.30-14.30 Lunch (D28 room)

15.30 Welcome by convenors

15.30 Martin Schäfer (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
“Complex words and semantic transparency”

16.00 Manuel Perez (Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail)
“Modeling spelling learning: dictation vs. copy tasks”

16.30 Valeria Bandecchi (University College Dublin)
“Manner of Motion as Embodied concept: Evidence in Italian and English”

17.00-17.30 coffee break

17.30 Gábor Proszeky
“A Computational Morphological System for Agglutinative Languages: connections with Psycholinguistics”

18.15 Jacques Durand
“The word in French: its nature, function and phonological status”

19.00 End of Monday Session

20.30 Social Dinner

TUESDAY, 4 December 2012

9.00 Géraldine Walther (Univ. Paris Diderot, Sorbonne Paris)
“Towards a formal model for Canonical Typology”

9.30 Philip Carr (Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier)
“Language, urban life, work and identity in Manchester”

10.00-10.30 coffee break

10.30 Wolfgang Dressler
“On sociomorphology in bilingual acquisition: On a project for a project”

11.15 Ingo Plag
“Phonological and phonetic variability in complex words: compound stress and beyond”

12.00 Tomaž Erjavec
“Sharing language resources: standards and infrastructures”

12:45-13:30 Round Table
“Prospects of Synergy”

13:30 End of Workshop (lunch break D28 room)

15.00- 3rd NetWordS Steering Committee Meeting

NETWORDS - The European Network on Word Structure


The workshop will be held at the Maison de la Recherche (MSHS, ground floor, room D29) of the University of Toulouse II- le Mirail.

You can join the MSHS by taking the metropolitan railway from Jean Jaurès station to Mirail Université station (line A- Direction ‘Basso-Cambo’), it takes approximately 15 minutes.

A plan of the metropolitan railway is available

Transport service from the Airport to Toulouse (stop at “Jean Jaurès”, 5 minutes walking distance to the Hotel Ours Blanc)
The airport shuttle stops at the ground floor gate C, arrival levels.
Duration : approximately 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions

Bus departing from the airport to Toulouse downtown every day from 5.30am to 0.15am (bus leaving every 20 min )
First bus departing from Toulouse: Every day from 5.00am to 9.20pm

Trip Price: 5 € one trip
You can buy your ticket:

  • at the bus station
  • from the driver in the bus
  • at Tisséo Sales Outlets


Second NetWordS Workshop

Perspectives on Synergy

Toulouse (France), 3-4 December 2012

Convened by:
NetWordS Steering Committee

Organizing Committee

Hélène Giraudo
Claudia Marzi
Vito Pirrelli
Basilio Calderone
Fabio Montermini