New Perspectives on English Word Stress

The study of English word stress: New perspectives on its history, current state and issues

Publié le 13 juin 2023 Mis à jour le 17 juillet 2023

Eiji Yamada, Anne Przewozny (CLLE), Jean-Michel Fournier, Nicolas Ballier

Publisher : Edinburgh university press
Date : juin 2023 

New Perspectives on English Word Stress explores the mechanism of word stress assignment in contemporary English from different methodological and theoretical perspectives. Comprising nine chapters, these approaches include a historical overview of the study of stress; the relationship between historic changes in stress and meaning; the relationship between spelling and stress; syllable weight and stress; the theoretical treatment of exceptions; stress mechanisms in Australian English; and stress in Singapore English. The book presents new data and provides the reader with access to various approaches to English word stress in phonology : it explores a range of approaches and topics including the Guierrian School of phonology, the relevance of orthography in English phonology, stress placement in English verbs and the diversity of Englishes; it examines word stress in English and the diversity of Englishes with discussion of Australian and Singaporean English; it brings together contributors from France, Japan and the USA. It includes over 60 tables and figures to clearly demonstrate key concepts, data and ideas.