CorpusArièja: Building an Annotated Corpus with Variation in Occitan

Publié le 6 juin 2024 Mis à jour le 6 juin 2024

Clamenca Poujade (CLLE), Myriam Bras (CLLE), Assaf Urieli

The Occitan language is a less resourced language and is classified as ‘in danger’ by the UNESCO. Thereby, it is important to build resources and tools that can help to safeguard and develop the digitisation of the language. CorpusArièja is a collection of 72 texts (just over 41,000 tokens) in the Occitan language of the French department of Ariège. The majority of the texts needed to be digitised and pass within an Optical Character Recognition. This corpus contains dialectal and spelling variation, but is limited to prose, without diachronic variation or genre variation. It is an annotated corpus with two levels of lemmatisation, POS tags and verbal inflection. One of the main aims of the corpus is to enable the conception of tools that can automatically annotate all Occitan texts, regardless of the dialect or spelling used. The Ariège territory is interesting because it includes the two variations that we focus on, dialectal and spelling. It has plenty of authors that write in their native language, their variety of Occitan.