Cognitive Ergonomics: memory, aging, rhythms

Cognitive ergonomics : memory, rhythms, ageing


The working axis 1 is interested in the study of the cognitive processes and in their change under the influence of a double determination : external (e.g., requirements of the task, working schedules) and internal (e.g., expertise, ageing).The  works of the axis could be qualified as rather fundamental research inspired by the uses, and based on a diversity of scientific approaches, borrowing from the ergonomics, but also from the cognitive psychology and neurosciences.

The axis is organized around 3 themes : Memory and attention - Ageing and experience - Rhythms, vigilance, working activity.



A. Daurat (PR)
C. Lemercier (PR)
Other permanent members
B. Barthe (MCF)
L. Caroux (MCF)
O. Carreras (MCF)
P. Gaillard (MCF)
R. El Yagoubi (MCF)
J.-C. Marquié (DR)
C. Mélan (PR)
L. Rico Duarte (MCF)
P. Terrier (PR)

PHD Students

V. Bayet
J. Béna
M. Cheyrouse
Y. Hurgobin
J. Larbaigt
C. Pécoste
M. Sarhane
H. Sellès