Seek-Learn- Decide

This research team focuses on high-level cognitive processes involved in information-seeking and / or help-seeking, decision making, judgment, and learning in adults or children, experts or novices. Our research belongs both to cognitive psychology and cognitive ergonomics (especially regarding the ILE and ergonomics training) and is underpinned by cognitive, metacognitive, motivational and evolutionary approaches. We are interested in learning situations (academic or professional) with (ILE, multimedia / video documents) or without numerical environment, in work or design situations, and more generally to complex situations for which the individual has to fill a lack of knowledge or needs to face to uncertainty. This research team conducts research in both fundamental and applied psychology in the field of industry, particularly in aeronautics.


Self-regulated learning, Learning, Evolutionary approach of behavior, Judgment of confidence, Moral judgment, Comprehension, Metacognition, Motivation, Reasoning, Numerical acceptability, Help-seeking, Information-seeking, Computational modelling, Well-being, Kinship, Faces, Mental load.